Happy International Women’s Day!

Although do we still need one? Surely we should have reached the point where we don’t need a special day to think about the achievements women have made throughout history? Surely that should just occur every day?

Sadly, we’re not quite at this point just yet, although I like to think we’re getting there. But to get there, everyone needs to work together. Women need each other – support your fellow woman, don’t judge her!

The important part of International Women’s Day is the international. Growing up in the UK, things are a lot more equal than in many countries. We have freedom, we have the right to vote, to drive, to work, to marry or not and a million other things we take for granted every single day. You don’t have to feel guilty for having these things but don’t squander the rights you do have. The General Election is right around the corner. Voting is a chance to do something that too many people in the world don’t get to do.

Just remember, anyone can do anything, regardless of gender, race or background. At the end of the day, we’re all human after all.

Oh, and in the interest of equality, there is an International Men’s Day too (19th November) – just so you know.

I’ll leave you now with just a few of my favourite quotes from women I greatly admire, in the spirit of IWD.