Henry Cavill

Oscar 2015 Predictions

Sorry things have been a little bit quiet on the Awards Seasons front recently. All my writing time has been focused on my books, which meant I bypassed the BAFTAs completely. My very quick commentary on them is that I personally didn’t think there were any big surprises with the winners that evening, Stephen Fry was wonderful as per usual and having Chris Evans and Henry Cavill present an award together almost broke my television! Well played to the organisational team on that one!


So tonight is the end of the season and we finish up on the peak of the awards mountain. The Oscars will take place later and by the time everyone will have woken up in the UK tomorrow morning, all the little statues will have been handed out. I think I’m more excited about Neil Patrick Harris presenting than the awards themselves because you know there are going to be some awesome musical numbers in there.

So my penultimate blog post on the Awards Season 2015 will be my predictions for tonight – hopefully I won’t get it too wrong!

Best Picture

This has become a two-horse race between Birdman and Boyhood now, with most of the awards this season being split, but I think Boyhood is just going to edge it and take the award home tonight.

Who I’d like to win – Selma, The Grand Budapest Hotel or Whiplash. I still haven’t seen Boyhood and I felt Birdman was pretty overrated. I enjoyed all the other nominees much, much more and think I would rather see one of them win it, especially one of the aforementioned three.


Best Director

Another head to head between Boyhood and Birdman, although again, I think Boyhood will edge this. Richard Linklater will end up with the award – making a film over twelve years kind of works in your favour!

Who I’d like to win – Wed Anderson. I greatly enjoyed The Grand Budapest Hotel and thought everything about it was well done. Although I would have really liked to see Ava DuVernay (Selma) or Angelina Jolie (Unbroken) in this category. Partly to fly the flag for female directors and partly because they both did amazing jobs this year and deserved to be recognised.

Best Actor

I read an interesting article saying that the race between Eddie Redmayne and Michael Keaton might cause them to cancel each other out and Bradley Cooper could sweep in and steal the award. The important thing to remember is that he hasn’t been around for the other awards, so we can’t do any real comparisons. Though I thought it was a standout performance and Cooper’s best yet, I think the award will still (fully deservedly) go to Eddie Redmayne.

Who I’d like to win – Eddie Redmayne #TeamEddie!


Best Actress

A strong category this year which is lovely to see, but it seems that if Julianne Moore doesn’t walk away with the Oscar, someone will have mucked up counting the votes!

Who I’d like to win – This is only on the basis that Still Alice hasn’t been released in the UK yet. I wouldn’t mind Rosamund Pike winning. She put in a fantastic performance for Gone Girl.


Best Supporting Actor

As with the Best Actress award, think this one is a pretty safe bet. J.K Simmons looks like he’ll be taking an Oscar home later, which I’ve got no problem with at all. His performance was amazing, if not a little terrifying. The tension in the Rushing or Dragging scene makes it one of the standout of the film.

Who I’d like to win – If for some reason J.K Simmons doesn’t get it (which is highly unlikely), Mark Ruffalo is equally as deserving.

Best Supporting Actress

Everything points to this going to Patricia Arquette. Afraid I still can’t comment as I still haven’t seen Boyhood (sorry!)

Who I’d like to win – I really enjoyed both Laura Dern’s performance in Wild and Keira Knightley’s in The Imitation Game, so wouldn’t mind seeing either of those taking it.


So that’s it. Those are my predictions for the big six awards. Now we just have to wait and see how right or wrong I was.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my final post to cover the winners, any potential surprises, NPH and the dresses!