Oscars 2015

The Awards Season is now done and dusted for another year and it’s been a great ride.


With Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony bringing things to an end, I didn’t think I did too badly with the predictions I laid out in my previous post. I got four out of four in the acting categories (ok, so all the favourites won, which meant it wasn’t actually that difficult.) I slipped up on picking Boyhood over Birdman, but it’s not the end of the world.

What I quite enjoyed about this year’s Oscars was how political it became in places. Some of these A-Listers know the platform Oscar night gives them and used the opportunity to voice some issues that needed a voice, which I admired greatly. From Reese Witherspoon pushing along the Ask Her More campaign message to Patricia Arquette’s empowering speech, it turned out to be a night for the girls.

NPH even managed to get a joke in right at the beginning about the lack of diversity this year, which is a bit of shame considering 2014’s ceremony was a veritable smorgasbord of diversity and talent. Where 2014 had big winners in 12 Years A Slave and Dallas Buyer’s Club, which were powerful stories, highlighting important issues, I felt a little let down that Birdman was at the forefront of everything year – especially when a film like Selma was in contention as well.

So, here are my top five moments from the 2015 Oscar ceremony, in no particular order:-

  • The Opening Number

I’m a big fan of musical numbers to open Oscar ceremonies (Hugh Jackman’s in 2009 is still my favourite) and this didn’t disappoint, giving NPH a chance to do what he does best. A wonderfully written and performed song, it was the perfect homage to the history of cinema, reminding us why we love it. And Anna Kendrick’s cameo only helped make it more amazing – although I don’t think I can condone her throwing a Jimmy Choo across a stage.

  • Everything is Awesome

When The Lego Movie is involved, everything indeed is awesome. It just may have been the happiest thing I’ve ever witness and was probably worth going to the Oscars just to be able to watch it live. Or at least pick up a Lego Oscar (think Oprah loved hers!).


  • Lady Gaga’s Performance

I’m not going to lie, I was completely blown away, and a tad surprised, the second she opened her mouth for her Sound of Music medley. I’ve got some of her songs on my iPod and know that she has a good voice, but just, wow. She definitely gave Julie Andrews a run for her money. It was truly beautiful.

  • Patricia Arquette’s Acceptance Speech

She got her thank-yous out of the way, then moved into a powerful, moving speech that felt like she was addressing the UN rather than Hollywood. Total Girl Power. And she had Meryl Streep and J-Lo fully in her corner the whole time.


  • John Legend’s Glory Performance

Most of the Oscar top moments seem to be music based, but this Best Song nominee had a very different reaction to The Lego Movie or the opening number. Seeing the audience become so moved by a song they have tears in their eyes is wonderful. It was powerful stuff.

So those are my top five moments. A couple of notable mentions go to Eddie Redmayne’s excitable acceptance speech and Clint Eastwood not getting NPH’s Kanye West joke at all.

The Oscars may be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about next year’s already. There are some fantastic films coming out over the course of 2015 and a lot to look forward to. There’s already buzz surrounding certain films that, on-paper, seem awards worthy. Will Eddie Redmayne pick up another nomination for The Danish Girl? Can Bradley Cooper get nominated for a fourth year in a row? Will Meryl Streep be able add another award to what already must be a mansion full of statues? She’s playing Emmeline Pankhurst in a film about the suffragette movement, so they might as well just engrave her name on the Best Actress award now!

There’ll be no dress critique this section though. After saying how much I admired the #AskHerMore campaign, it seems a bit hypocritical to write about the designer dresses. I love a good couture dress as much as the next person, but when they are doing red carpet interviews, I’m equally as interested in hearing about the career and opinions of the woman being interviewed.

How did you feel about the 2015 Oscars and do you agree with my top moments?

Are there any films coming out this year you’re already excited about?